How to apply for college or a Sixth Form

Before making your choice of a college course or applying for a sixth form at a school, it is important to research your ideas thoroughly.

Sixth forms and colleges will want to know why you have chosen what you have, so you need to be able to give good reasons! Ask your adviser for help.

You can use this booklet to see what schools and colleges are available locally to you and the website, shows which courses are on offer.

For more detailed information, you will need to see college/school prospectuses or look on their websites.

Application forms are often inside the prospectus or you might be able to apply online.

Schools and colleges have open days/evenings for potential students. You can find out some of the dates and times from the advertisements in this booklet, from the schools/colleges directly or from their websites. You should attend open events for all the places you are interested in. It’s your chance to really find out what a place is like and ask questions that will help you make a decision.


Things to find out:

    • how easy is the school/college to get to? (very important)
    • what facilities are there? (e.g. sports, library, computers)
    • how many students are there?
    • what are class sizes like?
    • did previous students get good exam results?
    • what did previous students progress to (for example jobs or further study)?
    • what support is available to students

Applying for September 2017

Make sure that you get your applications in as early as possible.

Some courses are very popular and fill up quickly. You may need to have applied at least by the Easter holidays. Some popular schools/colleges have application deadlines as early as December.