Covering letters

An employer may ask you to send a covering letter with your CV. The purpose of a covering letter is to choices2-flatshow how the experience on your CV relates to their vacancy and to highlight why they should employ you. You must write a new covering letter for each new job for which you apply. This is so you can show you have researched that company and say why you are applying to them in particular.

Some useful tips:

  • plan carefully what you are going to write and do a rough draft first
  • type the letter (or handwrite, if the employer requests it)
  • if you have a named person to write to, sign the letter ‘yours sincerely’, otherwise sign it ‘yours faithfully’
  • remember to highlight your skills and qualities and how they will help you in the job you are applying for – look at the ‘person specification’ carefully if you have one
  • keep the letter short and to the point – on one side of A4 if possible
  • get someone else (e.g. an adviser) to check over your letter for errors or to suggest improvements

Example covering letter