Application forms

Some employers provide a paper copy of an application form for you to complete. Increasingly, employers are asking for forms to be completed online.

Some useful tips:person filling out form choices FLAT

Before you complete the form:

  • take a photocopy (paper forms) or print a copy (electronic) to practise on
  • read the form and make sure you follow the instructions (this could be using black ink or block capitals)
  • remember to highlight your skills and qualities and how they will help you in the job you are applying for – refer back to the ‘person specification’ if the company sent you one
  • check your information is correct – particularly the dates
  • check spelling, grammar and presentation
  • make sure you include all your interests and abilities (especially those that are relevant to the application)
  • be honest – you may have to answer questions on your application form at the interview
  • if you are putting down new GCSE grades, put in the old equivalents as well as some employers may not know about them
  • keep a copy of the completed form (photocopy or save and print off) so that you can remind yourself about what you said before an interview
  • ensure that you have completed all sections of the form and attach any information requested.